First Annual Fundraiser | Silent Auction

community litter cleanup, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY

Thank you for joining us.

Divinity Estate & Chapel housed our First Annual Fundraiser and Silent Auction.

We met in the Remington Room, where we celebrated the many friends, volunteers, and community partners who have allowed us to battle pollution by taking over 500 pounds of litter off the streets of Rochester in 2022.

Walking For Rochester (WFR) not only helps to take litter off the streets but we also take pride in running New York State’s most convenient volunteer program.
Group cleanups are a great way for volunteers to get involved in our cause. WFR also help others that are in need of volunteer hours, like clients of the Monroe County Public Defenders Office, and residents of local half-way houses. WFR delivers equipment to volunteers and track volunteers work through their free to download and use mobile app, “Walking For Rochester.” This program allows those in need an opportunity to find volunteer work without having to spend money, needing a car or equipment. Volunteers pick up litter when and where its easiest for them, in their neighborhood.

Thank you for helping Rochester by supporting this Fundraiser!

Matt Apple our President giving out our first gift card of 2022!

Susan B. Anthony Sponsors


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