About Us

Transforming our community – one neighborhood at a time.

community litter cleanup, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY

About us.

Walking For Rochester (WFR) is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization. Founded in 2020 by Matthew Apple, Zakary Martinescu and Michael Carrol, all Rochester natives.

WFR strives to inspire everyday people to prevent and eliminate litter in Rochester, NY. 

So what exactly do we do? Check out our litter solutions: Community Clean Ups, Volunteer Program, Corporate Clean Ups and our On-The-Spot Litter Removal Service.   

Matt Apple our President giving out our first gift card of 2022!

On the left is our Founder and CEO Matt Apple handing out the first clean up award of 2022!

I am Walking For Rochester, are you?

community litter cleanup, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY

Our story is just the beginning.

“Being born and raised in Rochester, NY, you really start to get a feel for your community. Two things that always stuck out to me is that garbage is almost everywhere and not everyone feels connected to their neighborhood. 

Walking For Rochester aims to change not only our streets but also our hearts. It takes more than people picking up garbage to make a difference. We also need to regain a sense of community and belonging. 

The year before I started to work on WFR, I had a life-changing moment that really allowed me to look inwards, not only for myself, but in my community. I became a father. My son has gotten older now and he’s inspired me more than anything ever has. Because of him, I’ve thought more about family, more about community and more about Rochester as a whole. 

I think that it’s important for parents and adults in general to leave our community better than it was when we found it. 

So contact us today and see how the power of one person can make a big difference with the support of others!”

Matt Apple

Founder + CEO of Walking For Rochester
volunteer cleanup opportunities, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY
community litter cleanup, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY