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Transforming our community – one neighborhood at a time.

Community Clean Ups

community litter cleanup, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY

About us.

When your neighborhood is littered and in need of trash removal, you have the potential to transform it into something better. With the help of Walking For Rochester, we can help you and your neighbors take the initiative to clean up your streets and build a better community around you.

We’re a non-profit, 100% volunteer-based organization striving to connect and bring people of all backgrounds together over something that affects us all. Our volunteers are located throughout the Greater Rochester, NY, region, and by cleaning up one neighborhood and street at a time, we can inspire leaders and strengthen our city and region as a whole.

Matt Apple our President giving out our first gift card of 2022!
On the left is our founder and president Matt Apple handing out the first clean up award of 2022!

I am Walking For Rochester, are you?

community litter cleanup, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY

Our story is just the beginning.

“Being born and raised in Rochester, NY, you really start to get a feel for your community. Two things that always stuck out to me is that garbage is almost everywhere and not everyone feels connected to their neighborhood. No matter the neighborhood, there just always seems to be litter on our streets and a disconnect with our neighbors.

Walking For Rochester aims to change not only our streets but also our hearts. It takes more than people picking up garbage to make a difference. We also need to regain a sense of community and belonging.

We are stronger together, and once we start to pick up litter and become leaders in our community, others will follow suit!

It starts with a piece of litter and then blossoms into a beautiful community that you and I are proud of.

So contact us today and see how the power of one person can make a big difference with the support of others!”

Matt Apple

Founder of Walking For Rochester

volunteer cleanup opportunities, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY
community litter cleanup, Walking for Rochester, Rochester NY