After 12 Community Cleanups this season, Walking For Rochester is on pace for over 2,000 pounds and 270 volunteers!

Over the first 6 weeks of our season…

12 cleanups + 65 total volunteers = 480.3 pounds of litter

Join us this weekend as we break past the 500-pound barrier!

This weekends schedule…
Saturday May 27st Schedule:

  1. South Avenue – 12pm – Corner of South and Sanford Street
  2. Clinton Avenue – 2pm – Corner of S. Clinton and Gregory Street


Last weeks Litter-based Trivia Question that get’s you 4 Red Wings tickets, to any home game, level 200 voucher…

What percentage of water pollution (worldwide) is attributed to litter?

Answer: 60%


Join us this weekend to earn a chance at winning these 4 Red Wings vouchers, gift cards and other fun prizes!


* This Week’s Spotlight *

Have you checked out the latest 585 Mag release?

Walking For Rochester is on page 42 in the May/June issue.

Check out the story behind Walking For Rochester’s beginning, written by Nancy O’Donnell.